About Me

Who am I?

My name is Yasser Jaffal. I work as full time researcher at the department of technical computer science at Kassel University, Germany. Currently I work on my Ph. D. research in the domain of serious game design and development. I hold a Master's degree in computer science from Jordan University of Science and Technology in Jordan, and a B. Sc. in computer science from Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, Palestine.

I am interested in game design and development in general, and my current research focuses on using log data of serious game players to automatically assess their performance. Besides being interested in game development in general, I have special interest in Unity3D game engine, and I am always enthusiastic to learning about its up-to-date developments. I have a basic experience in Blender modeling software, and I usually tend to prefer open source software. Therefore, I am a loyal user of GIMP image editor and LibreOffice suit, in addition to Blender for sure.

Game development is not my sole interest, since I am a supporter of the Arabic language in the technical field, specially in technical education, including formal academic education. Therefore, I also volunteer in Coursera.org as a coordinator of the Arabic language.

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